Jeffrey Allen Russel


A Toronto-born singer-songwriter, photographer and multi-award-winning co-author of the screenplays, GRACE (retitled Brave Hearts) and The Experiment, Jeffrey Allen Russel earned his living as a real estate broker before embarking on a writing career. As a writer, he has found a passion he never experienced in the world of business and has discovered a new art form to express his strong sense of the visual.

Lynda Lemberg

Lynda Lemberg, Partner in Shared Imagination

Lynda Lemberg is a retired educator who has been immersed in art-house, international and indie cinema as well as world literature and theatre since adolescence. Lynda believes in the transformative power of art – its potential to humanize, break down barriers and inspire social transformation

As a classroom teacher, Lynda incorporated theatre, film and social issues into the curriculum she developed. She has devoted most of her adult life to peace, anti-racism and social justice activism for which she received the first Human Rights Award given to a secondary teacher in the province of Ontario, Canada. In her retirement, Lynda has worked as an acting coach, dramaturge and director’s assistant for award-winning high school theatrical productions. As a writer, she has channelled her creative energy and passion for social justice into co-authoring GRACE and The Experiment.



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