During the Civil Rights era, a white supremacist colludes with a judge to entrap African Americans for his lobotomies. When a Black track star is sent to his asylum with her white pal, her brilliant, best friend teams up with an edgy journalist to free her and expose the conspiracy. A chilling tale of medical apartheid in America.


This is very well written and thought-provoking feature script that is certainly topical and timely despite the historical setting. You’ve done an excellent job of capturing a strong sense of urgency in the story as well as an emotive feeling of setting, atmosphere. The setting becomes an extension of the plot – a character in its own right here, which is always difficult to achieve but when executed correctly, offers such joyous and engaging reading. The characters are very nicely developed, largely through action as opposed to dialogue – the opening 15 pages tell us everything we need to know about the key players here, one by one as each introduction uses action and conflict to develop the characters. You understand that characters are what they do and how they respond to conflict and crisis, not what they say they’re going to do. That’s very much appreciated, especially in a character-driven film where there’s so little time to contextualize the plot and establish the central conflict as well as multiple layers of conflict, both personal and professional. The plotting was tight and enjoyed a natural, swift progression that can be difficult to achieve when there’s so much going on in the plot – which is the case here, with such a bevy of compelling characters to keep track of. I think this is likely due to the fact that your writing is highly efficient on the page and you waste almost no space on said page to get your point across without going to into unnecessary detail (like large blocks of action text that give us an overlong description and do little to advance the plot). Each and every scene feels loaded with conflict and the tone and theme of the story is evident with each passing page. A truly enjoyable, original, and emotive script that calls to mind the Norman Jewison feature, THE HURRICANE in all the best regards. You have a tremendous sense of structure and your experience at crafting a cinematic narrative that’s both entertaining and at the same time somehow intimate and underplayed is something to behold.

WeScreenplay, December 2016

The Experiment is a compelling, heart wrenching tale of the abuses committed against minorities (particularly African-Americans) in medical research. Set in Baltimore during the Civil Rights Movement, the script tackles the difficult topic of racism in American medical research. With the mainstream success of historical dramas like Selma and Hidden Figures, and this year’s social-thriller Get Out, audiences appear eager to see movies addressing topics of race at the movies. What I really loved about this script were its characters. The core cast of characters is well-developed, and each has a clear, distinct voice. Anytime a script deals with lobotomies or other mental experiments, the audience needs to feel the loss of the individual, and The Experiment successfully accomplishes this task. Pauline is such a vibrant, believable character in the first two acts of this script that seeing her lose her identity leaves precisely the intended impact on the audience. The audience leaves the script feeling as if they lost an individual, not a victim (many scripts dealing with these topics make the mistake of allowing their characters to be defined by their victimhood, rather than who they were before the incident). I knew nothing about the history behind this script going in (same as most audiences would). At no point did I sense anything was greatly exaggerated, or outside the norm for this period. I really got the sense that the topic had been extensively researched, and avoided most of the cliché scenes we’ve seen repeatedly in films dealing with the Civil Rights period. The authenticity of the characters and their situations kept my attention as a reader from start to finish. The Experiment shines light on a shameful chapter in American history that continues to impact the lives of citizens across the country. Its characters are well-realized, the story is well-placed, and it comes to a satisfactory conclusion that reflects the lasting culture that has allowed, and continues to allow such abuses to take place. If recent box office hits are any gauge to run by, American audiences are eager to see these stories told on-screen.

Fresh Voices April 2017




Winner – Park Avenue Award (3rd Place Biographical/Historical) – New York Screenplay Contest – N.Y. – September 2017

Winner – First Runner Up – Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition – Los Angeles, CA. – August 2017

Grand Prize Winner – American Movie Awards – April 2017

Silver Remi Award (3rd Place Historical/Period) – WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival – Houston, TX. April 2017

Winner – Two Spotlight Awards: Humanitarian and Best Foreign Screenplay – Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition – Los Angeles, CA. – April 2017

Winner – Third Place in Historical Category – Las Vegas Screenplay Contest – Las Vegas,  NV. March 2017

Winner – Silver in the Drama Category – The Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest – CA. – February 2017

Winner – First Place – Nevada Film Festival – Las Vegas, Nevada – November 2016

Winner – Gold Award – Oregon Film Awards – Oregon – October 2016

Winner – Best Screenplay – Chandler International Film Festival – Arizona – October 2016

Winner – Best Screenplay – Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival – California – October 2016


Top Ten Screenplays – Urban MediaMakers Film Festival – Atlanta, GA. – October 2017

Best Historical Screenplay – Las Vegas International Screenwriting Competition – Las Vegas, NV. – August 2017

Honorable Mention in the Drama/Period/Biopic Category – Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition – Los Angeles, CA. – April 2017

Honorable Mention – London Film Awards – London, UK. – December 2016

Honorable Mention – WriteMovies Summer Screenwriting Competition – Beverly Hills, CA. – December 2016

Honorable Mention – Los Angeles Screenplay Contest – Los Angeles, CA. – December 2016


Semi-Finalist – Top 100 – Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition – West Hollywood, CA. – December 2017

Finalist – Biographical/Historical – One of Sixteen – Hollywood Screenplay Contest – Hollywood, CA. – October 2017

Official Selection – Orlando Urban Festival – Orlando, FL. – October 2017

Semi-Finalist – Moondance International Film Festival – Boulder, CO. – September 2017

Quarter-Finalist – Finish Line Script Competition – August 2017

Quarter-Finalist – BlueCat Screenplay Competition – Hollywood, CA. – August 2017

Quarter-Finalist – Creative World Awards – Los Angeles, CA. – August 2017

Quarter-Finalist – 21st Annual Fade In Awards – Los Angeles, CA. – July 2017

Quarter-Finalist – Script Pipeline – Santa Monica, CA. – June 2017

Official Selection – One of Twenty – Diversity Film & Script Showcase – Rebel Seed Films – Los Angeles, CA. – June 2017

Semi-Finalist – NEXTV Writing & Pitch Competition – Los Angeles, CA. – May 2017

Van Gogh Award – One of Ten Official Finalists – Amsterdam Film Festival – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – May 2017

Finalist – Screenplay Festival – Sherman Oaks, CA. – May 2017

Finalist – International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Nice – Nice, France – May 2017

Quarter-Finalist – StoryPros Awards Screenplay Competition – Woodland Hills, CA. – May 2017

Finalist – One of Sixteen – Circus Road Screenplay Contest – Studio City, CA. – March 2017

Official Selection – One of Three – Manchester International Film Festival – Manchester, UK. – February 2017

Official Selection – Toronto Independent Film Awards – Toronto, Canada – February 2017

Official Selection – Beverly Hills Film Festival – Beverly Hills, CA. – February 2017

Semi-Finalist – ScriptFest Screenplay Contest – Studio City, CA. – January 2017

Semi-Finalist – One of Ten –  New Renaissance Film Festival – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – January 2017

Official Selection – The Women’s Film & Script Showcase – Los Angeles, CA. January 2017

Official Selection – One of Twelve – Richmond International Film Festival – Richmond, VA. – December 2016

Official Selection – World Cinema London – Kent, UK. – December 2016

Official Selection – International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema  – London, UK. – December 2016

Finalist – WeScreenplay Diverse Voices – CA. – December 2016

Finalist – One of Ten – Irvine International Film Festival – Irvine, CA. – December 2016

Quarter-Finalist – WeScreenplay Feature Contest (WISC) – C.A. December 2016

Finalist – One of Four – Reel Authors Screenplay Contest – U.S.A. – December 2016

Official Selection – Fernleif Productions Back In the Box Competition – Toluca Lake, CA. – December 2016

Semi-Finalist – StoryPros International Screenplay Contest – Woodland Hills, CA. December 2016

Finalist – One of Three – London Golden Scout International Film Festival – London, U.K. – October 2016

Quarter-Finalist – Low Light Pictures International Screenplay Competition – Oviedo, FL. – November 2016

Quarter-Finalist – Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition  – London, UK. – October 2016


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