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Published on January 25th, 2014 | by Jeffrey Russel



Grace is a finalist at the Richmond International Film Festival.

We are extremely fortunate to have our screenplay GRACE, chosen as a finalist from hundreds of submissions received by the festival.
If there is any way to juggle my schedule at the end of February, I would love to attend.

The first and last highlights for me would be the drive to and from Virginia through the Allegheny Mountains. I’ve crossed them twice before and fell in love with all the twists and turns as I motored up and over the rugged hills. If you are lucky enough to drive through the mountains on a clear day, the sheer number of photo ops will drive you mad. Vistas that beg me to stop will seemingly appear from nowhere. I know I’ll be asking myself, “How can I stop again?” and “How can I not stop again?”
I have learned to take every camera lens I own on a trek through the mountains. You never know what you’ll see. And, heed a small word of advice. Make sure your camera’s batteries are fully charged before you go.

The trip to Richmond would be an opportunity to stay at the historic Jefferson Hotel, which opened its doors on October 31, 1895. The photographs on their website show the magnificently grand hotel from all angles. Another gem of the trip would be to watch some of the festival’s screenings at The Byrd Theater, on West Cary Street. It’s said to be one of the country’s finest old movie houses.

The February weather’d better co-operate or I’ll be writing letters…



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