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A Win From The Mid-West

The historic Egyptian Theater in DeKalb, IL. a farming community just outside Chicago, is home to the 2014 Illinois International Film Festival (IIFF) which has announced the winners of the Screenplay Competition and Grace is one of them. The 2014 Festival will take place Sunday, April 13th . Please refer to in the coming weeks for festival schedule and other event details.

I love doing research and I’m really enjoying my discoveries, learning more and more about the communities that host the film festivals we’ve entered. For instance, DeKalb was the home of the Melville Clark Piano Company. They manufactured the famous Wulitzer pianos and organs until 1972.

DeKalb is also famous for being the birthplace of barbed wire. What an exciting discovery. The first U.S. patent given for barbed wire was granted in 1867 to Lucien B. Smith of Kent Ohio, who is regarded as it’s original inventor.  However, Joseph Glidden of DeKalb made several modifications and is credited with being the inventor of the modern wire in 1873. The introduction of barbed wire changed the landscape of farm and ranch land forever. It may have been a boon the ranchers, but it has been the scourge of animals ever since. Creatures like cows and sheep are easily spooked from it when they come in contact, but horses, foxes, bats and a host of other creatures can become entangled in the barbs suffering horrible wounds or even death.

Barbed Wire


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