Screenplay Grace Winning Laurel from the Women's Independent Film Festival

Published on December 1st, 2013 | by Jeffrey Russel



Grace Winning Laurel from the Women's Independent Film Festival

The 11th win of 2013 came from The Women’s Independent Film Festival. GRACE, was awarded First Place in the Fall Screenplay Competition.

Lynda and I have been invited to do a 10 minute reading of a section of the script on December 15th, but sadly, we were unable to attend the event.
I’d like to thank Janine and Jazz for organizing this wonderful festival that celebrates women in film regardless of whether its in front of or behind the camera.  I don’t think enough attention is paid to promoting serious roles for women to play in film, particularly these days when profit at all cost seems to be the Hollywood mantra. Sadly, according to statistics compiled by The Center For The Study Of Women In Television & Film, “On screen, females comprised 43% of all speaking characters. This figure is even with the historical high set in 2007-08.”  and  “Women accounted for 28% of creators, executive producers, producers, directors, writers, editors, and directors of photography working on prime-time programs airing on the broadcast networks.”

Our protagonist, Grace Mackenzie, must have been a independent person. She was most likely born on the Black Isle, in the heart of the Clan Mackenzie in 1772, a time when very few written accounts of women existed except for the odd recording of a marriage or the issuance of particularly noteworthy offspring. Yet, within the business correspondences of men of commerce, wisps of her life appeared. We discovered that Grace lived during a time of great social upheaval. Our research into her life lead us to the brutal evictions that took place in Scotland between 1780 and 1860 known as The Highland Clearances and it is about this time that we have crafted her story.

Grace is about the women of that time and how they battled against unimaginable forces to save their families and their homes and it is to these women that we dedicate our efforts to bring Grace back to life on the big screen.


Women's Independent Film Festival, November 28, 2013

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