Published on February 5th, 2015 | by Jeffrey Russel


Writing a script is a long process.

It’s taken me between four to eight months to get the first draft of a story out. Then comes the process of editing and rewriting, a process I have yet to see the end of. I’m pretty sure everyone around me is thankful that I enjoy my new life as a writer even though my inner-Eeyore still rises from time to time.

Lynda and I often act out our dialogue together, complete with appropriate, if not accurate, accents. It helps us get to know and understand more about our characters’ inner workings.

It can take quite a while to get to know new cast members as they’re created. Some characters arrive on the computer screen fully fleshed out while others take the slow-burn approach, letting snippets of themselves come to life as I move the story forward. I’ve also discovered how difficult it can be to “kill off” or delete a character that I’ve become attached to for the greater good of the story. I am hopeful that these “people” turn up again at some time in the future.

Every day, Lynda and I learn more about our craft and are awed by the extent of what we have yet to discover. Yesterday, just before sunset, we drove on Camino Cielo Road above Santa Barbara. We were stunned by the mountains, valleys, rocks and trees. As we drove along the uppermost knife-edged ridge of the mountains, I gained a sense of perspective I’d never felt before. At the risk of sounding younger than my years or particularly naive, the world is very large. There is much to learn. I have a long road ahead.


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